Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome To My Blog!

I've finally gotten my act together and with the help of my friend, Kim, I'm starting this blog to post my scrapbooking layouts and inform people of my monthly classes. This is a work in progress, so I know I'll have to work out some kinks in the next few weeks; thanks for bearing with me! I've gotten a late start with August. When we got back from our second family vacation this summer, my husband convinced me we were ready to get a dog. Our little "Dozer" (short for Bulldozer) came to us from Fortunate Pooches & Lab Rescue in Fox Lake. He's approximately 3-4 months old and is part Lab/part Doberman. He's a lot of work, but provides our family with a lot of love and a lot of entertainment. The rabbit even tolerates him! That, in addition to school starting soon, has made me push class to the Monday, August 31st (as opposed to my usual schedule of the 3rd Wednesday of the month). Sorry for any inconvenience this causes you! I think I may have a make up day in September.


  1. What a great picture!

    You need to post a picture of that cute little dog of yours.

    Great, blog!

  2. Love this, Laura!!! I would like to make two layouts. The farm and school days.